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The great result of SIBARIS litter “A” kitten during the same weekend! A female kitten, Alaseya Sibaris, won the 2nd Best baby award at the show held at the heart of Siberia, in Krasnoyarsk. In such a way, our Siberian kitten has set off to steal the hearts of Siberian people.

Moscow. WOW! To say the least, we have won! We took all the infant’s prime awards at the specialized SIB show!
The SIBARIS Litter “A” won in the Best Litter nomination at the annual show of Siberian Cat Fancies Union “Siberian Wonder - 2004”.
More than a hundred SIBs and Neva Masquerade cats were the Show attendees.
The kitten from the SIBARIS litter “A”, Alan Sibaris became the Best Baby of this show.
The litter’s dad, Khariton Angara (breeder and owner N.F. Sertakova, Rybinsk) became the 2nd Best Cat of the show. Together with our litter, he also won the SIB stud contest.
Our new female from Krasnoyarsk Fenya-Rys’ Ionessi of Sibaris became the best kitten of the show. The show reports will soon appear in “Droug” and “Cat and Dog” magazines and at the website. Stay tuned!

First Litter of “SIBARIS” cattery becomes Best Litter of SLH group on Cat Show “Commonwealth - 2004” (“Sodruzhestvo-2004”) in Moscow

First Litter of “SIBARIS” cattery from WCh WCF, Ñh.CFF and TICA Vesta Valenvic and EGCH Khariton Angara


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